Opening images

After starting the application, you will see the main window.

Use the File menu to add files to the list.

You can add files individually, or you can add all files from the selected directory (including files in subdirectories).

Unwanted files can be removed from the list. You can clear the entire list.

If you have added the same files several times, duplicates can be removed using the Eliminate duplicates command.

If you select a specific file with the mouse, information about the file will appear in the status line.

Double clicking on the file will open its playback in the default video player installed in the system.

If you want to apply a specific operation to all files at once, check the Apply to all files box. Alternatively, while holding down the Shift key (to select multiple files) or Ctrl (to select individual files), select the ones that you want to process. Then select an action using the Operations menu.

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