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Table View Video Player
$ 45
Current version:4.1
First release publish date:2016-05-23
Last version publish date:2019-10-09
Platform: Windows 64-bit
File size:40 996 882 байт (39 МБ)
MD5 hash:bc21af41a1dbb1e96d5e632e25f43b2d
Quick search, qualitative analysis
Table View Video Player - a software product for analyzing video files and search for them in certain scenes, events or objects. The chip program in how it displays video. And it does this by using the table view.

You can easily find the desired scene in your favorite movie or whose notice the infiltration of the protected object. With this software, you can also quickly see the new film, to decide whether to spend their time on it. And if you are doing video editing, you can check the finished video for the presence of coding artifacts or other defects.

Payment for the program by credit card with a secure payment service Avangate. In addition to credit card the service provides other payment methods (PayPal, Bank / Wire Transfer, etc.)