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Tabs Video Player
Current version:1.0
First release publish date:2016-01-14
Last version publish date:2016-01-14
Platform: Windows
File size:2 056 907 байт (1 МБ)
MD5 hash:bef38fb7b49c9d91aea7af0b97204b40
Tabs like in a browser!
This program will help you to watch several films in rotation. This can be useful if you watch video tutorials on a variety of topics. Or maybe when watching a movie you have changed the mood, and you decide to see something different. In this case, the program remembers not only the position but also the volume, playback speed.

If the number of movies in your collection is very large, you can organize them into groups (tabs).

You can also use this software in their products, because it is free.