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Video Splitter
Current version:1.0
First release publish date:2017-03-09
Last version publish date:2017-03-09
Platform: Windows
File size:2 541 395 байт (2 МБ)
MD5 hash:08e5c5b58c51eb7a0a4918b678a213d3
Split video for FAT32
Not so long ago I bought virtual reality glasses on Aliexpress. Those that are simpler, in which you need to insert a smartphone and you can enjoy stereo movies and stereo pictures. When I tried to load several stereo films into it, I was surprised when it turned out that files larger than 4 gigabytes could not be recorded. Then I began to look for a tool for dividing video files into parts. Unfortunately, I did not find anything free. Although, the wonderful FFMPEG product allows you to do this from the command line, but it's hard to remember the syntax and long to enter files names. So I wrote a program Video Splitter, which is a graphical add-on over FFMPEG in order to split video files into parts.