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$ 35
Current version:1.0
First release publish date:2015-11-03
Last version publish date:2015-11-03
Platform: Windows 64-bit
Size:9 928 391 bytes (9 MB)
MD5 hash:1a1f4a123f502e6b69bfcb8c51926f1b
Panorama may be too long!
Did you ever train pictures taken at an angle not to you, but strictly prependikulyarno to be able to consider and the locomotive and all the cars? If the cars is small, to make such a photo is not difficult. Well, if the composition of long and dozens of cars? Or parade on Red Square? It was great to capture all the shelves and equipment in the form of one long picture, which you can scroll in the window quietly, without pressing the pause and considering all the details.

I met only one such panorama and I decided to write a program to learn how to create a very long panorama! And I wrote it.

To create the panorama you need a camera with video shooting function or a video camera and tripod. View examples of panoramas you can on our website.

Payment for the program by credit card with a secure payment service Avangate. In addition to credit card the service provides other payment methods (PayPal, Bank / Wire Transfer, etc.)


About program

The program Video2Pano is designed to create a flat panoramic images of moving objects of great length. It could be a train, a car, moto and led the column, long-range ships and other objects. First we need to make the filming with a tripod, and then process the information in the program Video2Pano. Before you buy, you can make sure that the program that performs all the functions without any restrictions except for a fact that adds a watermark in the resulting image.

Potential users

  • Digital photography enthusiasts.
  • Fans of rail transport.

Main features

  • Creating panoramas. Retouching their program Video2Pano Editor.

Differences from other products

Unlike programs such as PTGui and Hugin our program Video2Pano is designed to create a very long flat panoramas from video.

Possible problems

  • If the survey was conducted with it, the quality of the assembled pan will be very low.
  • If the background against which the moving object has the same color as the object itself, it will be very difficult to get rid of a repeating pattern of the background and need a lot of effort to retouch the panorama.
  • The program requires a sufficient amount of RAM, see the system requirements.
  • The program only works on 64-razryanyh versions of Windows. On the 32-bit version of the program will not start!

Limiting the free version

The presence of the watermark stored in a panorama.


  • Download the distribution program (zip-archive) from our site
  • Create a folder for the program
  • Unzip the contents of the archive into created folder
  • Run EXE-file
  • A window will appear asking you to enter a serial number.
  • Enter the purchased serial number or click the button Try to work with the program in trial mode.


  • To uninstall the program, simply remove it from the directory.
  • Before removing do not forget to copy the desired data.
Operating systemWindows 7/8/10 64-bitWindows 7/8/10 64-bit
Display resolution1600x1050 or higher1920x1080 or higher
ProcessorThe dual-core processor with a clock frequency of 2 GHzThe quad-core processor with a clock frequency of 2 GHz
HDD10 GB free space (for temporary files)20 GB free space (for temporary files)
Additional softwareFFMPEGFFMPEG
License agreement

"Video2Pano" Version 1.0
License for use and distribution

The "Video2Pano" is a shareware product. It means that:

1. All copyrights on the "Video2Pano" is exclusively owned by the author - Alexander Alekseev. Name "Soft4other" is the pseudonym of the author of the program.

2. You can run it for free indefinitely.

3. After payment, the user is granted a non-exclusive license to use the "Video2Pano" for any legal purpose; the user receives the activation code in an amount corresponding to the number of licenses purchased. An activation code is permitted to activate the "Wizard" on the same computer, but you can use the same activation code on the second and third computer, provided that the two programs at all (three) computers will use the personal user and / or members of his family and no one else. Customers pay for the license, receive technical support, gain new minor version of "Video2Pano" for free.

4. Installation files (zip-archive) "Video2Pano" can be freely distributed only in the form in which they are delivered, that means without any changes. You may not distribute "Video2Pano" on one carrier and / or in one software package together with piracy utilities for "breaking", Key files and generators of keys.

5. Information on the acquisition of the license, "Video2Pano", as well as new versions of the program is on the site


7. Does not provide any additional fees other than the cost of the license associated with the creation and distribution of data files "Video2Pano."

8. You may not use, copy, emulate, clone, rent, lease, rent, sell, modify, decompile, disassemble, transfer licensed program or its part differently than described in the license. Any such unauthorized use shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this license and may result in criminal and / or civil prosecution. Do not use the binary code "Video2Pano" to reconstruct the algorithm of the program, which is the property of the author.

   All rights not expressly granted here are "Soft4other".

9. Installing and using the "Video2Pano" indicates your agreement with the terms of this license.

10. If you do not agree with the terms of this license you must remove files "Video2Pano" from your storage devices and cease to use, "Video2Pano."

   Thank you for using the program "Video2Pano"!

Main window

Background selection parameters

Video2Pano Editor

Enter serial number

Version 1.0

How to improve the quality of automatic branch background?

Mainly due to the selection of the parameters for selecting the color, adjusting the position and noise removal. They become available if you double-click on the current frame. These parameters can be changed during assembly. And rightly so, because during the recording may change the lighting or something else.

Can I take video of people, and then create a panorama from this video?

In general, yes, but the quality will very much depend on the frame rate. In the standard 25-30, or even 50-60 You never get a good result taking close-up. The fact that the wheels of a train or car round, more or less symmetrical, but the movement of people is intermittent, especially footwork. To familiarize with the work of photographers like Adam Magyar, you can link on the . (Adam used his software, not Video2Pano)

Can I record by video camera to get a good result?

Of course! The most important thing to set the maximum frame rate and bit rate.

Faced with the problem: the collected panorama of this size, the program can only sohragit in PNG or BMP format but not in JPEG. However, some programs even recorded PNG and BMP images show wrong. So it should be?

The JPEG format has a limit on the size of the width and height. The picture can not be more than about 65,000 pixels. BMP and PNG images large size, some programs do show correctly. In particular, it has been noticed a similar problem at the XnView, XnView what the developer informed (perhaps future versions will correctly clears the displayed image). InfanView displayed a large pan correctly and was able to save a small copy in JPEG. For normal work with JPEG and subsequent publication on the web is scheduled automatic cutting views of the multiple images into a panorama when you save JPEG.
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2016-10-13, Respect: very positive
Great program! I will try make long panorama at this month

Thanks a lot!

2015-11-03, Respect: very positive
Nice idea!

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