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Table View Video Player
We have improved our product again. Version 4.1 introduced support for more video formats for saving tabular video. And most importantly, in this version the ability to add sound to the video is implemented!
Table View Video Player
Today we published a new version of the program Table View Video Player. There are many improvements in version 4. Added the ability to save GIF animations in tabular form.
Garbage Recycler
An updated version of the program for deleting unnecessary files on the computer has been released.
Video Splitter
If you want to cut large video files in order to watch video on your Android smartphone, do not miss this program!
File Watcher
The application for monitoring files changes in the predefined folders. It can work in Windows (by setting the service) and Linux using crontab service. And it is for free!
Table View Video Player
For the third version EMMZ program is available for download. Users of previous versions will not have to pay for it, s serial numbers were the same. Among the new features can be called the preservation of isolated fragments of a video or sound, saves images and many more!
Video Scene Viewer
Today we have created a new completely free product that will be a good helper when working with the program Table View Video Player. This program helps you when watching video scenes, creating html reports, and printing still pictures!
Table View Video Player Lite
For users who do not need professional Table View Video Player program possible, we have created a budget option, which has a major opportunity - to watch videos in a table!
Table View Video Player
Good news! Today we are pleased to introduce a new version of our product. Table View Video Player application - a tool for video analysis and quick search certain places in the video. Tabular presentation helps to speed up video viewing dozens of times! The program is completely free displays video in the table up to 4x4!
Tabs Video Player
We are pleased to present you a completely new free product. This is a video player which, like browsers can display videos in separate tabs. Try it yourself and make the convenience of watching movies and video lessons with it.
Today we present a program for creating panoramic images of long moving objects. It may be a train or motorcade, pedestrians or cyclists or motorbike racing team. To create the panorama you need a photo camera or a video camera and tripod. Well, after you open video in the program Video2Pano, and get the result.
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Our most popular products
  • Garbage Recycler

    The program Garbage Recycler is a program to clean your computer. This program will allow you to the entire set of your files to find those that are not needed, and delete them. The program itself will find all types of files, calculate their number and total volume.

  • Make Collection

    This program can create collections of videos, images, music and text using the information on public sites. The main feature is the ability to give names to store objects on the basis of the analysis of html pages. Loaded collection can be export database SQLite.

  • Video2Pano

    The program allows you to sew very long panoramas from video. Ideal for creating panoramas trains, columns of cars, parades and more.

  • Assistant

    The assistant is a handy program to work with clipboard. It can also store lists, voice keystrokes remind relevant events and have many other features.

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About us
Soft4other - a young Russian company specializing in creating software the widest profile. In the area of our interests:
  • word processing,
  • working with video,
  • working with sound,
  • photo processing,
  • other areas.
Our credo - the creation of high-quality low-cost domestic software for general users.

We sincerely hope that you will find it useful products on our website.

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